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Fire Suppression System Safe N Secure Fire Systems specializes in the design, installation, testing, commissioning & service of fixed Fire Suppression System.
Novec 1230 System Novec 1230 fluid is an environmentally friendly Halon replacement for use as a gaseous Fire Suppression Agent.
FM 200 System In response to the impending production phase-out of Halon Fire Extinguishants, FM-200 (Heptafluoropropane) is a replacement for Halon 1301 in applications.
Co2 Flooding System Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas has been used as an extinguishing agent in fixed installations since the beginning of the twentieth century.
Fire Tube Detection System Fire Tube Detection System is a simple self-activating system which can be installed inside closed cabins and machinery housing to detect and extinguish fire automatically at source during the initial stages of the fire.
Foam Flooding System The Foam Flooding Systems are similar to Water Mist fire suppression systems but use an expanding foam solution mixed with water to extinguish the fire.
Argonite System Argonite has been developed to meet the demands of the industry for an environmentally friendly media.
High Pressure Water Mist System High-Pressure Water Mist System can solve your fire protection needs across a number of platforms spanning the industrial, commercial, mining, marine, chemical, and other markets.
Medium Velocity Water Spray System Medium velocity sprayers discharge a water spray of finely divided droplets at medium velocity.
High Velocity Water Spray System High-velocity systems are often used to protect equipment that incorporates heavy or medium oils equipment such as transformers, circuit breakers, diesel engines and fuel oil storage tanks, turbo alternator lube oil systems and oil-fired boilers.
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